Welcome to Raymond Park Middle School, home of the Rangers. Speaking on behalf of our committed staff, we are excited about the opportunity to serve our students!

Academic achievement is at the forefront of everything that we do. As part of Warren’s Model for Continuous Improvement, core content classes follow an instructional calendar directly linked to Indiana College and Career Readiness Standards. Assessments in these classes are given periodically to measure student learning. Data is then used in planning personalized learning experiences and targeted small group to focus on knowledge and skills needed to achieve proficiency and increase capacity.

During the 2018-2019 school year, Raymond Park Middle School will incorporate common language with goal-setting. Coupled with developing a routine for goal-setting, students will benefit with greater guidance and can assume more ownership for their learning.

Raymond Park Middle School is also committed to Civility, Order, Respect, and Excellence (CORE). Students meet in a CORE Connect group weekly to discuss and participate in activities that promote the ideals of society. Desirable behavior is taught, modeled, and reinforced as appropriate. Students earn “CORE Bucks” for meeting behavior expectations. The CORE framework includes incentives that reward students that consistently meet expectations. Behavioral intervention systems are also in place for students that are not meeting behavioral expectations, with re-teaching of rules and expectations an important component of the overall framework.

Raymond Park Middle School offers a wealth of academic opportunities for students as well as extra-curricular activities that serve to shape students for their future success. The Ranger staff is committed to your student’s success. We look forward to working with students and parents/guardians during the exciting middle school year ahead!

Your principal,

Dr. John Kleine

"I believe in maintaining an educational atmosphere that focuses on academic achievement and provides first-class academic opportunities for students. Along with core educational courses and the arts, I believe students should also learn self-respect and self-discipline during their formative middle school years." ~Dr. Kleine

More Information

Professional Experience: Dr. Kleine is in his 27th year as a professional educator. The last 23 years have been at Raymond Park as a teacher, coach, athletic coordinator and administrator. Dr. Kleine has been the principal of Raymond Park since 2008.

Education: Dr. Kleine graduated from Mount Vernon High School in 1988. He earned a Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education from Franklin College in 1992; a Master's Degree in Education Administration from Butler University in 1998; an Education Specialist Degree from Indiana Wesleyan in 2012; and a Doctoral Degree in Education Leadership from Oakland City University in 2015.

Outside of School: Dr. Kleine is married to an elementary school teacher and has 3 school-aged sons. His hobbies include playing golf and basketball, and maintaining a garden with the main goal of producing very large pumpkins!