Raymond Park Intermediate Middle School PTSA

Established 1994

The Parent and Teacher Association (PTA) or Parent and Teacher and Student Association (PTSA) exists as a means of providing programs and services necessary to meet the needs and interests of students at our schools. The PTA/PTSA encourages collaboration and engagement of families, educators, and lawmakers in the education of our children and youth.

Please join our PTA/PTSA today and start making an impact. Whether you choose to take an active role in our PTA/PTSA or not, your membership alone is a great starting point. There is power in numbers. Help improve your student's overall school experience. Help make our school and community better. If you love to advocate, there are opportunities through the Indiana PTA. If you would like to volunteer, watch your involvement make a difference.

It's a fact: Kids do better when parents are engaged in their learning.

Board Members

President: Robin Calmes

Vice Presidents: Deneal Lewis & Shelly Hall

Treasurer: April Batteast

Secretary: Kisha Lewis

How to Join

For only $7 per year per membership, you can join our PTA and share in the wonderful things we do for our students, staff, families and community.

Join online here.


Email us at RPIMS.PTSA@gmail.com

Social Media

Facebook: "Raymond Park PTSA"

National PTA Awards & Grants

2021-2023: National PTA School of Excellence Award Winner!

2020 - $1,000 Grant Winner to host a "Programs at Home" STEM+ Families Science Festival Event sponsored by Bayer and the National PTA. We were one of only 50 winners nationwide and the only PTA located in Indiana.

2018 - $1,000 Grant Winner to host a "Get Off Your Apps" Physical Activity Event sponsored by Goya-Move and the National PTA. We were one of only 15 winners nationwide!

2018 - $1,000 Grant Winner to host a "Smart Talk" event for our school. This event was sponsored by LifeLock. We were one of only 25 PTSAs nationwide to win this grant.

2015-2017: National PTA School of Excellence Award Winner!

Special Annual Events

  • Back to School Night

  • RP Clothing Care Closet

  • CORE Celebrations

  • Warren Homefest

  • Movies at AMC Theater

  • Field Trip Fundraisers

  • Open Gym Nights

  • Free Family Bingo Night

  • End of Year Celebration Treat

  • 8th Grade Celebration Gift

  • Staff Appreciation Days

  • Teacher School Supplies

Fundraising activities:

  • Membership Drives

  • Fall Fundraiser Sale

  • Box Tops

  • Movies at AMC Theater

  • Roller Skating Parties

  • $1 Slushies Sold on Thursdays

  • Warren Homefest

  • Open Gym Nights


Address: 8575 E. Raymond Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46239