February 3 News Graphic - eLearning  on Friday, February 4

February 3, 2022 

Good afternoon Warren Students, Families, and Staff, 

We have an important announcement regarding today’s winter weather. 

Due to the timing and the amount of today’s snowfall, all K-12 students will again participate in eLearning tomorrow, Friday, February 4th. Warren Early Childhood Center daycare and preschool will be closed. Students will continue to access their instructional materials through Canvas and will have access to their teachers during their three hour window. Student attendance and grades will be based on the completion of assignments and per our eLearning policy, students will have 5 days to submit their eLearning assignments to their teacher. 

Our incredible facilities and transportation teams will work tomorrow and over the weekend to prepare our schools for our students and staff on Monday. Additionally, we will keep an eye on our main roads and side streets to make sure our buses can safely navigate them on Monday. Any adjustments to Monday’s schedule will be shared on Sunday evening. 

Information related to activities on Friday and over the weekend will be shared through individual schools, coaches, or sponsors. 

I hope you stay warm and safe and we look forward to seeing you next week.

Dr. Tim Hanson Superintendent of Schools for MSD Warren Township